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Autodis 3SR

Réf: Cluster 3SRCompact automatic cash deposit and distribution solution

A secure, compact, high performance solution, the Autodis Cluster 3R allows withdrawal of cash floats, deposit of receipts and internal recycling of cash.

It offers three self-service withdrawal/deposit posts that can be used simultaneously which, where till organisation is concerned, is unequalled in saving time and increasing productivity.

Automatic withdrawal of cash floats :

Means they can be automatically issued at the start of business and used to restock change.



At the end of business the cashier deposits the contents (coins and notes*) of the box in the machine.

The deposit is immediately processed and the amount recorded. The notes are deposited in removable secure cassettes which ensure secure storage and transfer of the funds (to the vault, an ATM or CIT).

The Autodis 3SR can be connected to the store’s IT system via Quireo cash management software, for centralised cash flow management.



After processing, the takings can be recycled for redistribution as cash floats.

The Autodis Cluster 3SR solution offers all the advantages of a compact, efficient automated cash management solution.

It relieves stores of the constraints and costs associated with cash handling and optimises the time staff are at the tills.

It significantly cuts costs from the first month of implementation in the store.

With three levels in the range, Autodis cash management machines are suitable for the needs of any store, whether small, medium-sized or large.



Coin distribution :

– 8 recycling hoppers

Note distribution* :

– 1-8 tranches of notes

Coin deposit :

– Approved ECB detection
- Coin deposit in bulk

Note deposit* :

– Counterfeit note detection

– Deposit of notes in bundles

– Large storage capacity

– Removable secure cassettes

Other technical specifications :

– 15″ colour touch screen

– PC-based

– Power supply: 110/250 V, 50/60 Hz

– Dimensions: 1300 x 550 x 815 mm (l x h x d)

– Weight (empty): 210 kg



  • AB3+ notes module
  • Quality-based note sorting
  • Receipt printer
  • Cashbox choice
  • Bank note neutralisation system
  • QUIREO management software
  • Connection to the store’s IT system