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CoinBank 800 series

Self-service coin counters and sorters for financial institutions

The CoinBank 800 machines series are desinated to high  coins money volume. A high quality manufacturing, their high stocking capacity wil let you sort 9 denominations in bags or just count in 2 big containers your coins.



  • Simple sorting per denomination or multi-bags, up to 3 bags for one denomination (809 version)
  • Patented hopper cleaning system
  • Integrated thermal printer with auto cutter
  • Solid or pulsing lightening LED Panel in 256 colors RGB to the different machine status
  • Dual language working capabilities
  • 5th generation sensor by recognizing the alloy of the coins
  • Depending variant : with 2, 8 or 9 coins ouputs



  • Versions R: The CoinBank 800 series can be delivered with a rear load/thru-thewall option
  • 3 point safety lock and door, which separates the coin module from the money compartment
  • An optional door that separates the coin module from the money compartment.
  • Optional Communication Module (XML transaction, event and verification data via USB/LAN)



  • CoinBank 809: Mix coin counting and sorting of up to 9 different denominations.
  • CoinBank 828: Mix coin counting and depositing: mixed coins in up to 8 consecutive bags.